ELR Registry, it’s about History.

Article by Jack Zabawa

Original Owner 1982 ELR #397
ELR Registry 2005-2009

ELR Registry History.


Many long time owners will remember the original ELR Registry was created by Jason Van Slyke and posted
on a personal webpage. Jason was the owner of a 1983 Eddie Lawson Replica #1900. His website and the
ELR Registry drew the attention of owners looking for replacement parts, tips and advice. Jason had pages to
include maintenance tips and modifications handy to any KZ fan or ELR owner. Links were added and shared
with other ELR fans. By 2002 (4 years) the ELR Registry had managed to account for current status of over 43
of the original 1982 US Models and 67 1983 models. The list had also expanded to include international sales,
and the KZ1100R. Not bad for a relatively small community of owners and bikes that were 20 years old.

In April of 2002 my bike was 20 years old. I was looking for a good mechanic and a source for original parts. I
found Jason’s ELR site and contacted Jason to add my ELR to his ELR Registry. I appreciated the idea of a
group of owners keeping tabs on status of the entire production of Eddie Lawson Replicas, current owner,
condition and where they were located. Because it was only manufactured in the limited quantity it made sense
to keep track of those numbers for insurance purposes and for market value. I was surprised to learn Jason was
also living in San Diego.

Shortly after adding my bike, Jason sent out an email, he was selling his ELR. I talked with Jason and we sent
a couple more emails. I was surprised to learn Jason was also living in San Diego.
Jason indicated he would likely let the list go. As a fan of the technology and an ELR owner I responded with
interest, but neither of us followed up, on my proposal to maintain his site.
In 2002 Jason Vanslyke sold his ELR and shortly after his personal page with the original ELR Registry
disappeared. Jason had moved on and the original list was gone.

As a fan of his original page I was hoping to keep his list alive for everyone who had already contributed and for
myself. Miracle of technology in 2005 I was able to recreate Jason’s list using the Way Back Machine. I
polished it up a bit and gave credit to Jason for his original list and site. I added a couple pages posting
scanned brochures. I started to receive request to add and update the list, I posted a couple photos, and
added a for sale page.

It has been great to hear from other owners and fans. In 2007 Jason Van Slyke found the page and we made
contact once again. He seemed to appreciate the effort to keep his original list alive. Over the 4 years I
maintained the ELR Registry I’ve updated the status of 18 machines and added a couple new listings. I’ve
added links to a couple other popular KZ sites and the Eddie Lawson page at the Superbike Hall of Fame.
The Eddie Lawson and Superbike Replicas are approaching a 30th anniversary. The old Classic and Retro
Big Bore Kaws are still popular. The Replicas are being replicated. It’s cool to have a piece of history and
even cooler to be able to rev it up.

In Early May 2009 I found the new KZ1000R site. It has a polished look and feel, and most importantly social
features. It includes a forum, and interactive gallery. It’s the best approach to bring everyone together
interactively. I contacted Jason Van Slyke to catch up and get an approval to pass on his original list. I made
contact and asked to share the history of the original KZ-ELR Registry and to pass along my efforts to maintain
and build from Jason’s original ELR Registry.

The torch is passed now to a new care taker, and Jason’s ELR Registry has a new home. KZ1000R.com

I’ll see you there!
Jack Zabawa
Original owner 1982 KZ-ELR #397 25Kmiles, still original.
Keeper of the Original Jason Van Slyke KZ ELR Registry 2005-2009

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