Bike of the Month Aug 2009.

Kano's KZ1000R2. 

Due to a lack of applicants for bike of the month, i was forced to use my old bike this month,


Gpz1100b1 motor 1170 cc, 3mm over size,
APE cam chain adjuster,
ape clutch springs,
Deep sump with modified oil pump,
Sidewinder headers viper oval can.
Mikuni bs34mm carbs by WG Carbs,
1 and a half turns out.
Main Jet #142.5Pilot Jet #40,
34mm K and n air filters,(pods)
Gimble rear sets,
Dyna 2000, pickups, coils and billet rotor.
METMACHEX deep braced swing arm,
Dymag wheels,
showa rear piggyback shocks,
Inverted front end,(from busa)
6 pot calipers,(from busa)
400mm rotors,(from busa)
Coerce Racing Carbon Fiber Front Fender,
Goodridge stainless clutch and brake lines,
hydraulic clutch slave off a zx,
Yamaha r1 led tail light,
custom made billet tree and riser,
zx nissin clutch master nissin slave,
ZRX rear caliper and rotor,
PMFR Clutch release kit installed.

this winter i decided to install a busa front end with custom billet tree's.

new bar's 

zxr rear brake,

good ridge brake lines,

fitted new seat cover,

all new bearings on the wheels, swing arm, stearing,

pieced together a custom exhaust, 

new set of paintwork including the "j" tank.

z1 enterprises supplied the dyna 2000 ignition system "thx jeff and the team.

New twin headlight fairing and led taillights as i always liked them on other bikes.

installed a deep sump,

new clocks,

hydrolic clutch,

rebuilt petrol cock!




summery of bike prior to this winter.

In 1990 I bought a gpz1100b1,

The funny thing was I was under the impression it was the A1 I was going to buy but when

I got to the guys house I decided to buy it anyway I really don’t remember why.

That same year I got the kz1000r2 chassis from a friend while working at z1 city in Kent.

Where over the years was able to collect together a spare's parts that I brought with me to the state's,

much to the horror of my wife lol anyway on with the story.

I rode it for many yr’s hoping I could pull in enough parts to rebuild the elr chassis into a complete bike.

I then picked up a set of racing wheels and the deep braced swing arm from local salvage yards.

the frame cracked behind the side stand a few yr’s later and welded it but that broke a few months later too

so I decided I’d use the gpz as a donor for the elr chassis id picked up a few yr’s before but real life got in the

way for a good few yr’s as it has a way of doing so she sat in a shed waiting to be worked on.

Before I moved to the usa from the uk, in 2000 I decided I wasn’t going anywhere without my bike so I so

I wheeled it in the kitchen and I kept on adding bits too the Eddie Lawson frame until the b1 was stripped

and the kz was whole,

crated it up and shipping company picked it up with my other belongings,

The boat that it was shipped over from England to Boston on I was later informed was the Atlantic conveyer!

it was sunk during the Falkland’s war!

Re floated repaired and renamed the Atlantic Companion, kind of funny really.

The Atlantic Companion brought it to the states in 2000 after which bike sat in customs for a couple of months

while I waited for Kawasaki

to provide a letter stating it conformed to usa emissions, Finally The letter came,

my wife and I went to Boston customs to pick it up..

I live on Martha’s Vineyard so when bike arrived here on the island,

above are some pictures as it changed over the yrs.

I garaged it because the fuel injection wouldn't settle into the USA grade fuel, or so I believed,
In 04 I bought a set of BS34 Mikuni carburetor assembly for a Kawasaki kz1100 Police motorcycle

(like in chips) but never got round to fitting them,
Over the next few yr’s moved around a bit here on the island.

The bike sat patiently for a few more years,

In a shed my father in law let me use Have spent most of my time totally stripping it down and

restoring it mechanically to ride.
And for the most part I am happy with what I accomplished with help of my daughter.

Installed new Bridgestone tires 110 18 on the front and 160 18 on the rear.
Fabricated several billet brackets for dampers rear brake assembly to Aline back wheel and brace bar.
Replaced the fuel injection with the BS34 Mikuni carburetors supplied by wg carbs.

hope you like it!


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