Bike of the Month Feb 2011.

Jan Busch (Aka Spaakjesmax) The Netherlands,

First, let me introduce myself; Jan Busch (Aka Spaakjesmax) living in Alkmaar, The Netherlands,

built in 1968.  Since i was at primary school I just loved motorcycles and in particular Kawasaki.

Why Kawasaki?

That is hard to put into words. I think because Kawasaki always comes across as an

independent and non compromising motorcycle with a brand identity of its own and of course,

that lovely green paint!

I had been reading for hours and hours as a kid/ teenager, the new Choose Your

Motorcycle as the motor cycle year book came out again in the late 70’s and early 80’s.

Drooled over the Z-1, and of course the Z-1300 and last but not least the Z1000R.

So in my mid 30's-ish the quest began.

I studied and looked dreamily at Many types but soon I came to the conclusion that it should

be a Kawasaki Z1000R.

In the 1983 yearbook KNMV mentioned the details of the Z1000R Eddie Lawson replica. Eddie

Lawson, who I actually knew about only from the 500GP Cagiva and Yamaha.

So tracking the Internet and learned about the battle of Eddie Lawson in the AMA Superbike

Championship with his KZ1000J against the major brands of Freddie Spencer and Wes Cooley.

After a thorough period of collecting old motor magazines, sales brochures, posters and lots

of mail, reading, calling and talking with green experts,

I definitely lost my heart to the 1982 ELR.

But where the hell do you find an original  1982.  Obviously a first ad placed on the website of the

Dutch Kawasaki Club. Lots of reactions of but none with a 1982ELR. Meanwhile, I set up an automatic

internet search for everything, on Eddie Lawson, and KZ1000R and  KZ1000RS1.

After two year period in July 2005 a beautiful 100% original KZ1000R (4000 miles only!!) came up

for sale on E-Bay USA. 2 problems, 1 the bike was located in Winamac Indiana USA, 2 the EBAY

reserve was sky high. I followed the bidding for a while but then let it go again.

After my vacation, the bike was again for sale on E-Bay by the same seller. Apparently the first

round the reserve was not met and the bike did not sell.

On the last night and just before the final deadline expired I made the bid.

So it was late at night when I got the message: Congratulations! You won the item!

So I went looking for a carrier.  The bike was put on the on a boat to Rotterdam Port. After

several weeks of waiting I received a message from the carrier that the motor cycle could be

retrieved in Rotterdam Port.

Because the motorcycle is imported from outside the European Union you pay VAT and import duties.

These amounts you must pay immediately in clearing the bike. After payment of import duties and VAT

I, with a crowbar in my hand, went looking for the crate.

To my surprise? There was the Lawson but completely naked. No crate to be seen. Turned out

that the carrier had transported the bike with no crate at all. 

Fortunately, the ELR looked great.

Point is that the KZ1000R was never released in Europe in 1982 so there is no road approval for

that year. Luckily they were very helpful in the RDW (Dutch Authorities which give approval for

road admittance) and indicated that they are not looking at the year but to the characteristics of

the bike.


Both the frame number and block number corresponded to the approved version of 1983.

The RDW is mainly waiting and staying calm and friendly.

The inspector immediately opened by saying that the headlight was not a European Union

version. I politely explained the man that in 1982 there was no European Union!

Because USA bikes have reflectors on all sides, you have to correct this first. It also includes

rear reflectors. I blacked them with temporary paint. After having the frame and block numbers had

checked it was time for the DB (sound) test. On the edge but it was approved.

Small confession, I changed the Kerker for a European 4-2 version of the 1985 ELR.

Following this approval, I went to Customs. Fortunately, there are all located in the same

building. After all this you get your papers after 10 working days which are sent to your home. 

At last the permanent license plate could be made.

Meanwhile I have the bike many years and I treat her with the respect she deserves. 

Given her age and the fact that everything is still 100% original,

I ride her only on nice summer days and evenings.

Jan Busch.
Kawasaki KZ1000R1
Date of first road admittance 28/2/1982

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