Bike of the Month Jan 2012.

Owner: Andrew Ferry (Fer's) KZ1000j from the z1ownersclub in the UK.

This bike was originally featured nearly 3 years ago when the site just started

out, It was our second bike of the month to be featured here, And at the time very

few pictures were available as Fer, (to his friends, so that's Mr. Ferry to you

and I) Said simply when asked "what do I need photo's for when I have the bike in

my living room and all I need to do is turn my head to look at it!". Well you

really can't argue with that can you.

Luckily the bike was featured in Classic Motorcycle Mechanic's in September 2009

and the good people there sent me the photo's from the shoot, So after selfishly

keeping them to myself and going through many boxes of tissues I've decided to

share them and re visit this amazing creation that still inspires many people and

their project bikes today. This bike was what inspired my more modern looking

version of the kz1000j1 Race Bike with Busa front end and matching modern rear,

Mr. Ferry is the Scottish rep for the Z1 Owners Club, and he still to this day

has his first Z1000 he bought at the age of 19 way back in 1979, He has a long

history of modifying Kawasaki's stretching back over 30 years and has a good eye

for detail.

This Replica of the 1981 number' 21' race bike started out as a dream and a

Kawasaki Z1OOOJ rolling chassis that Andrew Ferry bought In 1995,

I wanted to build the closest thing to Eddie Lawson's 1981 race bike that I

could, He says, A Real Eddie Lawson's replica!

It took Andrew 13 years to build the bike, which Is 22kg lighter than an 1100R.

With certain things on the original Lawson race bike, such as the swing arm, huge

disc's, piggy back shocks and billet bottom yoke these are iconic, and to get the look,

Andrew had to get the parts sourced or custom made .

Harris Performance made the swing arm with built in catch tank,

Works Performance made the shocks to my specification, he says.

The disc's were made to spec by Trade Direct,

and the bottom yoke is genuine KZ1000S1. bought In the States,

Dymag supplied both 18 inch wheels,

the rear section of the frame was removed, along

with any other tabs and brackets that weren't needed. As with the race bike the

rear engine spacer was welded up and steering stops welded on.

The fuel tanks Is a US Spec KZ1000J1,

Note the tank badge is a decal to save weight.

and all the other bodywork is carbon fibre. Including the number boards,

Then painted in "81" style by Bike Paints.

Scitsu tachometer and Renthal Bars.

The engine came from a gpz1100 Unitrak bored out to 1260cc,

Cylinder head has eight plugs and a bigger one piece stainless steel valves,

The cam's are .425 webcam,

The crankshaft has been welded and the connecting rods polished and balanced,

The taper has been modified to take a triumph generator,

The crankcase oil returns are welded up and the outer casings have been cut down.

All the engine work was performed by Alan at Kipkawa

Ignition is Dyna| 2000 with four coils to power the 8 plugs,

and a boyer powerbox in used, there is no battery.

The carburetors are 33mm CR Specials Keihin Racing Carb's, complete with bell


they are operated by a Quick action throttle.

The only standard part left on the bike are the fork bottoms, clutch casing and

rocker cover.

there are no lights, side stand or starter motor just push start it and go, and

bloody hold on!

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