Scottish Bike Show 2009.

Here's some pix of The Eddie Lawson stand from the Scottish show,

not a bad turn out eh?

As you can see there is our Z1OC stand in the background.

Got lots of misty eyed beer bellied old timers hanging around drooling over the bikes,

it's nice to think we made a few people's day by showing the bikes.


the Z1000R in the corner belongs to Yoyo, a mate of Fer's, don't know his proper name,

always called him Yoyo.

The ELR with the twin headlamp and ZRX1200 swinging arm belongs top Bauldie.

It was a good show and the Eddie Lawson stand got a lot of attention as did the Z1OC stand.

You'll find most of the shows in Southern England mainly feature 'shiny four pipers' with

only a small selection of non standard bikes.

Up here in we prefer to show the Zeds in all of their variations from lightly modded to

Rickman and Harris frames.

In the mid to late 70's I can't remember seeing any standard Zed's, the first thing most

people did was get lower bars,

stick a 4-1 on it and some decent shocks.

I totally appreciate the "just come off the production line" bikes but I like to see modded


to see how different people have solved the same problems and how inventive people

can be.

I've attached some pix of the bikes on the Z1OC stand (Check out more stunning zeds in

the gallery). The two Z650's aren't what they seem. The black one has a Z1000J motor in

it and the red one has a Z1000 motor with APE 1324 barrels, sweeeet.

Mark 'Jacko' Jackson.

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