Bike of the Month Feb 2012.

Henk van Heerden, AKA HENK, South Africa.

After searching for years, a colleague said that his dad had a" Kawasaki"
standing in his back yard, but the bike hadn't been started in 9 years.

I was actually after a green ELR R1.
I could however not let this bike go at the giveaway price.

My original intentions were to turn it into a R1 "look alike"  
But after some research, on your site I might add,

I found out that it was actually a sort after bike and decided
to try and keep it as original as possible.

It has become my favourite bike of all the bikes in my collection,
H1, H2, Z1000, CB750 K1, GT750, 2010 z1000 and another ELR
(not bad condition for a future project)

I'm sorry that I did not take any more photos especially of the original wreck.
Bike had been standing in a shed for 9 years.

Totally stripped and rebuilt, took 6 months, by KCR (South African restoring company)
Sourced majority parts on e-bay.

New Kerker (AMA baffle, sounds awesome) from States,
windscreen and seat are local replacements.

The rest is spit and polish, took many hours.
Tried to keep as original as possible and

she runs as smooth as my 2010 z1000!
Okay nearly as smooth!


Henk van Heerden.

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